About Us

About Us

What is C4kurd?

C4kurd is a website, group, magazine, host provider and a professional IT consultant based in Kurdistan, and it was started in 2002.


Hemin Ibrahim started as a simple (free) website to collect all Kurdish web address and we named (Kurdish website Guides).

In the same year Hemin translated a VB forum to Kurdish and made first Kurdish forum by VB, we named (Yanai Kurdistan – Kurdistan Forum)

In 2002 to 2005 Hemin were designing websites and provided hosting to companies, political parities and individuals.

In 30.3.2005 we registered to a c4kurd.com domain, and created a website which provided a lot of articles, guides and tutorials to help people for their daily life working on computer.

In 2007 we created a group by name of (C4kurd Group) (Hemin Ibrahim, Hazim Jaf, and Hardawan Naqshbandi) and we started to publish C4kurd Newspaper that was 8 pages and published twice a month.

In 2008 and after 1 year and published 22 newspaper, we changed to C4kurd Magazine and it was 40 pages. It was a monthly magazine.

In 2011 we stopped the magazine after published 54 issues, that was and still the first Kurdish IT magazine published 54 issues.

From 2002 until 2015, we provided more than 130 hosing and designed more than 150 websites. Also designed more than 5 databases and setup networks to internet cafes.